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Hurricane Protection

In order to protect your home properly from a hurricane it is highly recommended that you take the necessary precautionary steps long before the first threat of a storm comes to our area. Here in the Low Country - from Charleston, South Carolina through Savannah, Georgia and down to Jacksonville, Florida we have witnessed recent hurricanes and have seen how windows and doors are especially susceptible to wind damage. Water infiltrates your home quickly if these openings are breached. Wind coming in through compromised window and door openings can create dangerous pressure inside a home that can destabilize the walls and roof. To encourage homeowners to take steps to minimize damage, many insurers offer discounts for hurricane-mitigation improvements such as storm shutters or hurricane-rated screens.

Please contact us at Coastal Canvas Products to see how we can custom order window and door protection for your home before the next threat of a storm comes our way. The lead-time for these items is 6 to 8 weeks minimum from time of purchase, so it is highly recommended to order before hurricane season begins. 

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