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Commercial Awnings

Branding. Your brand is your company's face to the world. It is a snapshot of what your organization is all about. Let us help you create how to best communicate your brand to the public's eye. We know how important your brand is, and how much work you’ve put into building it; our extensively trained design and sales team can help you find the best way to express your brand through awnings and graphic signage.

Protection. In addition to their aesthetic appeal and marketing value, Awnings, Canopies, and Screens can offer protection for you, your products, and your customers. The sun can be harmful to your products and furnishings, and uncomfortable for your employees and customers. Awnings, Canopies, and Screens can add a bright, unique, aesthetic flair to your business and protect your space from the glaring sun, without sacrificing the natural light. Canopies and Awnings can also create a sheltered entrance to your business that can help alleviate the risk of slipping. Creating a dry surface at your business entrance can offer protection from rain that can make hard flooring slippery as customers and employees track water indoors.

Signage. Make it easy for you customers to find you! Awnings identify your business so you can stand out from the competition. Let your Coastal Canvas Products Awning work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An Awning for your business lets potential new customers know you’re there, and keeps your business fresh in the minds of existing customers whenever they are in your area.

Ask us to help you design unique signage for your brand that will draw customers to your location, and demand the visibility your business deserves.

Residential Awnings

Cool functionality for your home. Fabric Awnings, Retractable Roofs, and Canopies create attractive, inviting outdoor areas for people to gather while protected from the sun. In addition, fabric structures provide cover during inclement weather, and are more economical to build and maintain than comparable masonry and wood structures.

Create utility in your designs with fabric awnings and canopies. An Awning manufactured by Coastal Canvas Products, insures that your Awning will be produced and installed by trusted and reliable professionals using the highest quality materials and best practices. We only use guaranteed fabrics and stand behind our manufacturing processes and will enhance your home in numerous ways:

Awnings can reduce home cooling costs and save energy consumption. In our Low Country climate, homeowners can expect to save up to 25% of their cooling energy costs just by using an Awning. Awnings can directly affect energy use by simply blocking the sun. Heat gain through windows is one of the reasons that buildings need air conditioners.

Outdoor comfort. Enjoy being outside. Consider an Awning over your deck, patio, or porch and expand your livable space. You will become shaded from the hot sunrays in the heat of the summer as well as provide safe outdoor protection on a rainy day.

Beautiful fabrics up your backyard appeal - blend your indoors and outdoors. Create a seamless transition from your interior to the exterior by coordinating fabrics from your living room to your porch. Choose from any of our 250 + outdoor durable fabrics that are guaranteed to withstand the elements by providing utility and beauty to your indoor & outdoor space for many years to come. This is a chance to add color to your home and spice it up!

Provide weather protection for your family. Your family deserves the best. Their health is your number one priority. Protect them from the sun's harmful UV rays and enjoy the outdoors at the same time with a beautiful, easy, home enhancement - an Awning made especially for your deck or patio.

Retractable Awnings

The benefits of Retractable Awnings. Our Retractable Awnings add to your quality of life in many ways. The advantages of a Coastal Canvas Retractable Awning offer multiple benefits to enhance the enjoyment of your home.

Shade when you need it, sun when you want it. With a Coastal Canvas Retractable Awning, you control the shade. Enjoy your outdoor living area more than ever with the convenience of total shade control. Extend and retract your awning with the turn of a handle or push of a button - it's that simple. Your awning can be extended fully, partially, or retracted depending on the amount of shade you need or how much sun you want.

Block the sun, keep your view. Retractable Awnings', streamlined designs eliminate the need for support poles, so our awnings block only the sun or light rain, and not your view. Maximize your usable shaded outdoor living space and your view with the addition of a Retractable Awning to your home.

Beautify your home. Your home is one-of-a-kind and your awning should be too. That's why we offer total customization so that each Coastal Canvas Awning is made to the distinct needs and style of each homeowner. And our Retractable Awnings don't just add beauty and space to your home, they also add equity - your covered outdoor space increases living area and value.

Expand your space. Without protection, you can't fully enjoy your outdoor living area. A Retractable Awning allows you to expand your home's livable area, effectively adding a customized outdoor room.

Control room brightness. Unlike permanent patio awnings, roofs, and enclosures, Retractable Awnings can be retracted during darker times of the day, or on cloudy days, to brighten the interior of your home naturally.

Protect your indoor furnishings. The sun's UV rays can severely damage and fade furniture, carpet, upholstery, drapes and flooring. You can protect your valuable interior furnishings and prolong their life with a retractable awning.

Save on your utility costs. Our awnings help lower energy costs year-round. On warm days, extend your awning to block the sun from entering your home. Shading your interior will naturally cool your home and reduce air conditioning costs up to 25%. On cold days, you can retract your awning, allowing the sun to help heat your home.

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