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Commercial Motorized Screens

Comfort outdoors, energy efficiency indoors.

Motorized solar screens from Coastal Canvas offer a number of benefits to offices, schools, retail spaces, clinics, manufacturing facilities, restaurants - any interior or exterior commercial space.

Reduced Glare

Get just enough natural light. Your staff, guests, patients - anyone spending time near the windows - shouldn’t have to choose between artificial light or the headache of direct sunlight.

A Cooler Interior

Stop sunlight radiation. Screens filter sunlight so it doesn’t heat the inside air, allowing your office or other commercial space to stay cool.

Energy Saving

Take a load off your AC system. Battling heat caused by sunlight radiation adds to the expense of temperature control. Screens prevent the radiation effect and bring costs down.

Insect-Free Outdoor Area

Keep the pesky bugs away. Screens make all your outdoor dining, party or gathering areas more pleasant by keeping away uninvited guests.

Easy to Raise and Lower

Adjust with the flip of a switch. With remote-controlled motorized screens, you won’t have to put the time and effort into manually raising or lowering them.

Storm Tex Hurricane Screens

Storm Tex rolling hurricane screens are the best option for commercial properties and storefronts for storm protection. Storm Tex offers not only storm protection, but solar, wind, and insect protection, privacy and comfort control as well.

Learn more about Storm Tex Hurricane Screens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are commercial motorized screens effective in keeping outdoor areas insect-free?

Absolutely, our screens are an excellent solution for making outdoor dining or gathering areas more enjoyable by keeping away insects and pests.

Can motorized screens contribute to a cooler interior environment?

Yes, by filtering sunlight, our screens prevent sunlight radiation from heating the interior air, helping to keep your commercial space cooler.

Do commercial motorized screens come with a warranty?

Yes, we provide warranties on our motorized screens, ensuring their quality, durability, and your peace of mind.

Do you offer motorized screens that also provide storm protection?

Yes, our Storm Tex hurricane screens offer not only solar and insect protection but also effective storm protection for commercial properties and storefronts.

How do motorized screens help in reducing interior glare?

Our screens filter sunlight, allowing natural light in while reducing the direct sunlight glare, making the indoor environment more comfortable for staff, guests, and clients.

How easy is it to operate motorized screens?

Our motorized screens are extremely user-friendly, operable with a simple flip of a switch or a remote control, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.

In what ways do motorized screens contribute to energy savings?

By reducing the heat gain from sunlight radiation, our screens lessen the burden on air conditioning systems, leading to lower temperature control costs.

What are the main advantages of installing motorized solar screens in commercial spaces?

Motorized solar screens reduce glare, maintain a cooler interior, save energy, provide insect-free outdoor areas, and are easy to operate, making them ideal for offices, restaurants, schools, and other commercial settings.

What is the installation process for commercial motorized screens?

Our experienced team handles the installation from start to finish, ensuring a seamless fit and hassle-free setup for your business.

What types of commercial properties are suitable for motorized screens?

They are perfect for a variety of commercial properties including retail spaces, restaurants, offices, schools, and clinics.


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