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Our story began in 1975 and we are proud to say that we are made in Savannah. Today, over 40 years later we have grown to 40 dedicated people designing, sewing, welding, painting, and installing our products out of a 37,000 square foot production facility. Every job is custom and every customer is unique and special to us. We are inspired about the endless possibilities that our products create; whether it's about sun, storm, or insect protection, engery saving, or adding personality or branding to a restaurant or local storefront. We have received numerous awards but we don’t want to brag, it’s not our style. We think that our reputation and the company that we keep says it all.

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Commercial Awnings

The sun can be harmful to your products and furnishings, and uncomfortable for your employees and customers. Awnings and Shades can add a bright, unique, aesthetic flair to your business and protect your space from the sun, without sacrificing the natural light. Canopies and awnings can offer protection from rain that can make hard flooring slippery as people track water indoors. Canopies and awnings create a sheltered entrance to your business that can help alleviate the risk of slipping.

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Residential Awnings

Fabric Awnings, Retractable Roofs, and Canopies create attractive, inviting outdoor areas for people to gather while protected from the sun. In addition, fabric structures provide cover during inclement weather, and are more economical to build and maintain than comparable masonry and wood structures.

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Storm Protection

Anyone who lives in a coastal area where hurricanes threaten knows the cost and frustration that can go along with storm preparations. Many wish there was a way to get ready once and not have to do it again. When it comes to protecting windows, there is a better way to go instead of relying on plywood that must be replaced repeatedly. Coastal Canvas Products offers a vast array of Storm Protection options that can give you the peace of mind you need with a few extra benefits.

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