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Commercial Awnings by Coastal Canvas

Protect, beautify and promote your business.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal and marketing value, commercial awnings, canopies, and screens from Coast Canvas offer protection for you, your products, and your customers.

Commercial Awnings Provide Protection

The sun can be harmful to your products and furnishings, and uncomfortable for your employees and customers. Commercial awnings and shades add a bright, unique, aesthetic flair to your business and protect your space from the sun, without sacrificing the natural light.

Commercial canopies and awnings offer protection from rain that can make hard flooring slippery as people track water indoors. Canopies and awnings create a sheltered entrance to your business that alleviate the risk of slipping.

Commercial Awnings + Branding

Your brand is our brand! Our designers are ready to help shape the right visual solution for your business. Your brand is your business’ face to the world. It’s what your organization is all about, how you communicate that to people, and how they perceive you.

We know how important your brand is and how much work you’ve put into building it. Our extensively trained design and sales team can help you find the best way to express your brand through commercial awnings and graphic signage.

Commercial Awnings + Signage

Make it easy for your customers to find you! Our commercial awnings identify your business so you can stand out from the competition.

Your commercial awning from Coastal Canvas will work for you 24/7, attracting the attention of anyone nearby. It lets potential new customers know you’re there, and who you are. And it keeps your business fresh in the minds of existing customers whenever they’re in the area.

Get Started with Commercial Awnings

Ask us to help you design unique commercial awnings with signage that will draw customers to your location and get the visibility your business deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your commercial awnings durable and suitable for all weather conditions?

Yes, our awnings are made with high-quality, durable materials that withstand various weather conditions, ensuring long-term service.

Can commercial awnings be customized to match my brand?

Absolutely! We specialize in custom designs to align with your branding. Our team helps create awnings that reflect your brand's identity and values.

Do you offer warranties on your commercial awnings?

Yes, we provide warranties on our commercial awnings, assuring you of their quality and durability.

How can commercial awnings protect my products and furnishings?

Our awnings are designed to shield your interiors from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sun damage to your products and furnishings.

How do commercial awnings contribute to my brand’s marketing?

They act as a constant marketing tool, keeping your business in the minds of existing customers and drawing the attention of new ones, even outside of business hours.

How do commercial canopies and awnings improve safety?

They create a sheltered entrance, reducing the risk of slips and falls by protecting against rain and preventing water from being tracked indoors.

In what ways do commercial awnings and signage enhance my business visibility?

Commercial awnings with signage make your business easily identifiable, helping you stand out and attracting the attention of potential customers.

What are the benefits of installing commercial awnings for my business?

Commercial awnings provide protection from sun and rain, enhance the comfort of your customers and employees, and add a unique aesthetic flair to your business premises without blocking natural light.

What is involved in the installation process for commercial awnings?

Our experienced team handles the entire installation process, ensuring that your awnings are securely and efficiently installed with minimal disruption to your business.

What types of commercial awnings do you offer?

We provide a wide range of options, including retractable, stationary, and motorized awnings, all customizable to suit your business needs.


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