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Commercial Shade Sails

Architectural art. Protection from harmful UV rays.

We can't get enough of shade sails! Simply put, they are fabric architecture at its best. These beautiful, custom-designed structures delight and protect the clientele you serve.

Shade sails are a great shade solution for:

  • Restaurants, Bars, Bistros, Coffee Shops - Shade sails can be custom-designed to suit or enhance your existing aesthetics.
  • Schools, Daycare Centers, Museums - When placed over play areas, these delightful, colorful structures are ideal for protecting children from sun exposure.
  • Hotels, Resorts, Golf Clubs - Create an attractive outdoor ambiance for dining and pool areas that looks outstanding in promotional photography.
  • Outdoor Malls, Shopping Centers - Make awe-inspiring outdoor foot traffic, entryway and food court spaces that offer the comfort of shade as well.

Any business, school or other commercial property can benefit from shade sails!

Why Shade Sails Are Unique

Shade sail canopy systems are a series of overlapping geometric shapes made from durable outdoor fabric. They provide sun shade and UV protection for shopping centers, playgrounds, swimming pools, patios, and other outdoor commercial spaces.

The inward curves along the sides of each shade fabric panel are engineered to help spread and distribute the tension placed at each connection point evenly over the shade sails. The result is a shade sail capable of providing functional shade in an iconic architectural form.

A Fun, Custom Design Process

At Coastal Canvas, we think it’s okay for fun and business to mix. We encourage all our commercial customers to have fun with our custom design process. This is especially true with the infinitely customizable shade sail!

Design: Color, Shape, Size

The design process starts with your vision. Whether you have already engaged an architect or not, Coastal Canvas will work with you to lay out what your custom shade sails will look like.

The durable, UV-blocking fabric is available in a variety of colors. And there are many approaches we can take to fabricating appropriate structures to support sails of various sizes and shapes.

Placement and Orientation

You tell us where you want your shade sails on your commercial property, and we will conduct research to determine proper support structure placement and orientation.

We take sun locations throughout the year into account to determine how best to adjust the size, shape and three-dimensional orientation of the fabric for real-world application.

Fabrication and Installation

Coastal Canvas fabricates the support structures. Then you get to watch your vision come to life as we stretch the fabric panels between carefully-placed connection points.

The result is an example of beautiful fabric architecture that is effective at blocking UV radiation and adding vibrant color to your outdoor commercial spaces.

Get Started with Shade Sails

Coastal Canvas Products shade sails are made in Savannah, GA with the very highest grade of materials and proven fabrication methods.

Schedule your commercial shade sail design consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can shade sails enhance the outdoor ambiance for promotional purposes?

Yes, the attractive design creates an inviting outdoor ambiance that is particularly appealing in promotional photography for hotels, resorts, and other businesses.

How customizable are Coastal Canvas Products' shade sails?

Extremely customizable! We tailor the color, shape, size, and orientation of shade sails to match your vision and suit your commercial property's specific needs.

How does Coastal Canvas handle the design process for shade sails?

We start with your vision, considering all aspects including color, shape, and size. Our team works with you or your architect to design shade sails that perfectly fit your space.

How do shade sails protect from the sun and UV rays?

Our shade sails are made from durable, UV-blocking fabric that provides substantial protection from sun exposure, making outdoor areas safer and more comfortable.

How durable are the fabric and structures used for shade sails?

Our shade sails are made with high-quality, durable materials designed to withstand various weather conditions while providing effective UV protection.

What are commercial shade sails and how do they benefit businesses?

Commercial shade sails are custom-designed fabric structures that provide protection from harmful UV rays. They enhance the aesthetics of outdoor spaces for businesses like restaurants, schools, hotels, and shopping centers.

What factors are considered in the placement and orientation of shade sails?

We take into account the sun's position throughout the year, your property layout, and your specific needs to determine the optimal placement and orientation for maximum effectiveness.

What is involved in the fabrication and installation of shade sails?

Coastal Canvas fabricates robust support structures and then installs the fabric panels, transforming your vision into a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

What is unique about the design of Coastal Canvas shade sails?

Our shade sails feature inward curves along the sides of each fabric panel, engineered to distribute tension evenly, resulting in both functional shade and iconic architectural form.

What types of businesses can benefit from installing shade sails?

Shade sails are versatile and beneficial for various types of businesses including restaurants, bars, schools, daycare centers, museums, hotels, resorts, golf clubs, and outdoor malls.


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