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Commercial Retractable Roofs

Keep outdoor entertainment spaces open, rain or shine.

Commercial retractable roofs from Coastal Canvas offer many benefits to your business. Here are just a few examples:

  • Concert Venues, Sports Venues - Offer the outdoor event experience with confidence you’ll never have to delay or reschedule events due to precipitation.
  • Restaurants, Bars, Bistros, Coffee Shops - Give your outdoor dining areas the versatility of a motorized roof easily extended on rainy or wintry days.
  • Florists, Organic Grocers, Farm-to-Table Dining - Enjoy control of sun exposure over much larger garden areas than you could cover with a typical awning.
  • Hotels, Resorts, Golf Clubs - Easily convert your outdoor dining and pool areas into safe, indoor areas when storm clouds gather.

Many businesses can benefit from retractable roofs!

Retractable Roofs for Fully-Convertible Outdoor/Indoor Spaces

With a Coastal Canvas commercial retractable roof, you can make use of your outdoor sporting, event, retail, dining, or other entertainment spaces year-round regardless of the weather.

Convert Open Areas to Fully-Enclosed Areas

When installed over permanent structures, such as a stadium, retractable roofs provide the full spectrum of environments from open-air to fully enclosed.

For outdoor areas without permanent walls, such as a poolside patio, retractable roofs can be combined with canvas or vinyl sheets to easily create a temporary enclosure.

Provide Shade in Sun, Cover in Rain

Retractable roofs are also ideal for deploying pavilion-like cover over picnic and other lounge areas to provide shade or rain cover. You can also keep insects away from visitors when your retractable roof structure is combined with motorized mesh screens.

On partly-cloudy days when you want your guests or customers to enjoy the sun, simply retract the roof with the push of a button.

More Cost-Effective Use of Space

With retractable roofs from Coastal Canvas, you can make use of your outdoor spaces every day regardless of the weather.

Fully-convertible spaces maximize your profit potential by making that space usable for all kinds of applications 24/7.

Protect Your Interior Furnishings

The sun's UV rays can severely damage and fade furniture, carpet, upholstery, drapes and flooring.

Retractable roofs provide maximum solar protection from interior furnishings and prolong their life.

Get Started with Retractable Roofs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are retractable roofs easy to operate?

Our retractable roofs are designed for ease of use, often controlled with the push of a button, allowing for quick adjustment to changing weather conditions.

Are retractable roofs suitable for restaurants and cafes?

Absolutely! They give outdoor dining areas the flexibility to operate in various weather conditions, easily extending to provide shelter during rain or wintry days.

Can retractable roofs be combined with other structures for more enclosure?

Yes, in areas without permanent walls, retractable roofs can be paired with canvas or vinyl sheets to create temporary enclosures, ideal for versatile use.

Can retractable roofs be used for garden areas in businesses like florists or farm-to-table dining?

Yes, they provide control over sun exposure for larger garden areas, making them ideal for businesses where plant care and natural ambiance are key.

Do retractable roofs offer protection for interior furnishings?

Yes, they provide excellent solar protection, reducing the damaging effects of UV rays on furniture, carpet, upholstery, and other interior furnishings.

How can retractable roofs transform outdoor event venues?

For concert and sports venues, retractable roofs ensure events can proceed without delay or rescheduling due to weather, offering an outdoor experience with the option of quick coverage when needed.

How do retractable roofs benefit hotels and resorts?

They allow for the easy conversion of outdoor dining and pool areas into sheltered spaces during inclement weather, enhancing guest comfort and safety.

How do retractable roofs contribute to more cost-effective use of space?

They maximize the profit potential of outdoor spaces by making them usable for a variety of applications, regardless of the weather, 24/7.

How do retractable roofs provide insect protection?

When combined with motorized mesh screens, retractable roofs can keep insects away, making outdoor spaces more pleasant for guests and customers.

What are the benefits of installing a commercial retractable roof for my business?

Commercial retractable roofs offer versatility for outdoor spaces, providing shade in the sun and cover in the rain, and can be used to create fully convertible indoor/outdoor areas, enhancing usability regardless of weather conditions.


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