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Commercial Storm Protection Solutions from Coastal Canvas

Be the best at preparing your business for the worst.

Business owners and facilities managers like you, in a coastal area threatened by hurricanes, know the cost and frustration that can go along with storm preparations.

You need a professional storm protection solution that’s both cost-effective and robust enough to protect your business from the perils of Mother Nature.

Coastal Canvas: One Name, Many Hurricane Protection Solutions

Coastal Canvas Products offers a vast array of storm protection solutions that give you the peace of mind you need with a few extra benefits:

Storm Panels

Wind abatement hurricane screens are polypropelene basket-woven sheets. Like fabric panels, they are lightweight and allow light to pass through.

Fabric Shielding

An alternative option for window covering, PVC-coated fabric panels are just as durable as storm panels, but more lightweight and allow light to pass through.

Storm Screens

Wind abatement hurricane screens are polypropelene basket-woven sheets. Like fabric panels, they are lightweight and allow light to pass through.

Roller Shutters

Like panels, roller shutters are made most often from steel or aluminum. But their ability to roll up and down make them versatile. These are ideal for everyday security as well.

Learn more about our storm panels, fabric, screen and roller solutions.

Hurricane Protection That Doesn’t Sacrifice Aesthetics

At Coastal Canvas Products, we specialize in helping businesses protect properties while preserving and enhancing the appeal of your building’s aesthetics.

We’ve been in the business for years and have built our reputation one window at a time. Every product we offer begins with the highest quality materials, carefully manufactured to ensure performance.

Get Started with Storm Protection

Coastal Canvas Products is here to help you find the ideal storm protection solution for your business. Request your consultation to get a free estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your storm protection solutions cost-effective?

Yes, we focus on providing robust, reliable protection that's also cost-effective, ensuring businesses get the best value in storm preparation.

Can storm protection products be integrated without affecting my building’s aesthetics?

Absolutely! Our solutions are designed to preserve and enhance your building's aesthetics, offering effective protection without compromising on appearance.

How do I choose the right storm protection product for my business?

Our experts will assess your specific needs, location, and building type to recommend the most suitable storm protection solution for your business.

How do roller shutters provide storm protection?

Roller shutters, typically made of steel or aluminum, can be rolled down to protect against storms. They also offer everyday security due to their robust construction.

How do your storm protection products help in preparing for hurricanes?

Our products are engineered to withstand high winds and flying debris, significantly reducing the risk of damage to your business during severe weather events.

What are storm panels and how do they function?

Storm panels are polypropylene basket-woven sheets that provide strong protection against wind and debris. They are lightweight and allow some light to pass through.

What is fabric shielding and how does it compare to traditional storm panels?

Fabric shielding involves PVC-coated fabric panels that are durable, lightweight, and allow light to pass through, offering an alternative to traditional storm panels.

What is the installation process for commercial storm protection products?

Our professional team handles the entire installation process, ensuring your storm protection is securely and properly installed for maximum effectiveness.

What makes wind abatement hurricane screens effective?

These screens, made of polypropylene basket-woven sheets, are designed to reduce wind force while being lightweight and semi-transparent.

What types of commercial storm protection products does Coastal Canvas Products offer?

We offer a variety of solutions including storm panels, fabric shielding, storm screens, and roller shutters, all designed to protect businesses in hurricane-prone areas.


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