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Motorized Screens

Screens are a great way to reduce heat and glare (which lowers energy costs associated with cooling), as well as shield against wind, rain, and those pesky biting insects. Having a motorized screen takes it to the next level and allows you to create a barrier to the outdoor elements only when desired.

Porch Curtains

Old fashioned porch curtains or pull up curtains are a great way to protect a patio or porch from the elements. We can design and create the curtains that best solve your problem be it sun, wind, rain, or cold. With hundreds of fabrics, screen, mesh, or clear vinyl, form and function are easily obtained.

Custom outdoor curtains are so much more than a final touch on an outdoor room they add style, ambience, protection, and privacy to your outdoor living area.

Let one of our design team members come measure and fit you for the perfect outdoor accessory.

We Make More Than Shade

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