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Residential Storm Shutters: Top Benefits of Coastal Canvas Products Storm Shutter Solutions

Say Goodbye to Plywood

Preparing for a hurricane doesn't have to mean resorting to the old-school method of boarding up with plywood. It's time to consider a more effective, aesthetically pleasing, and secure option: Coastal Canvas Products' storm shutters. Our partnership with Atlantic Premium Shutters ensures you get modern composite solutions that outperform plywood in every way.

Beyond Plywood: Modern Storm Shutters

Plywood is a thing of the past. Our hurricane-rated window covers are designed to withstand the increasing intensity of storms. They're not just about protection; they also add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, saving you from the unsightly appearance and potential damage caused by nailing up plywood boards.

Types of Residential Storm Shutters

1. Storm Panels:

  • Strong, reusable, and economical.
  • Our high-strength aluminum alloy panels provide unmatched hurricane protection.
  • Unlike plywood, these panels can be reused and nest together for easy storage.

2. Storm Screens:

  • Strong, lightweight, and translucent.
  • Force 12™ Diamond Screen: Offers advanced hurricane damage protection, diffusing wind velocities by up to 97%.
  • Storm Tex Hurricane Screens by Alutech: A versatile solution with a unique "end retention system" for smooth, wrinkle-free operation.

3. Roller Shutters:

  • Strong, versatile, and a deterrent to theft.
  • These shutters offer protection from storms, deter burglars, and help in energy conservation.
  • They provide a solid barrier against external elements, significantly outperforming plywood.

Hurricane Protection That's More Than Just Strong

Our storm shutters aren't just tough; they're smart. They offer several advantages over traditional methods:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Enhance the look of your home while providing protection.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various window sizes and styles.
  • Energy Efficiency: Help in maintaining indoor temperatures, reducing energy costs.
  • Security: Add an extra layer of security against break-ins.

Conclusion: The Smart Choice for Storm Protection

At Coastal Canvas Products, we believe in providing solutions that protect your home without compromising on style or functionality. Our storm shutters represent a leap forward in residential storm protection, offering peace of mind with a touch of elegance.

Ready to Upgrade Your Storm Protection?

If you're ready to move beyond plywood and equip your home with the best in storm protection, contact Coastal Canvas Products. Explore our range of storm shutter solutions and take the first step towards safeguarding your home in style.

Let’s Get Started

Upgrade to the latest in storm protection technology with Coastal Canvas Products. Contact us now for more information on our innovative storm shutter solutions and to request a consultation. Protect your home smartly and stylishly!

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