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How to Bring in More Guests with Hotel Awnings: Commercial Awnings in Hospitality

27 April 2020

Has your hotel always looked a little bare to you? Or does it seem a bit worse for wear? The condition of your commercial awnings - or lack of them - has a major impact on the look of your establishment. Hotels and other hospitality businesses lack key benefits without... ... Read More

Saving Energy with Awnings, Screens and Interior Shades

20 April 2020

Whether it’s a time where finances are stretched a bit thin, or you’re just interested in making your family budget as lean as possible, saving energy can really help. Energy is a recurring expense that can feel uncontrollable. Families often try to cut costs in other ways, like using coupons... ... Read More

Storm Shutters, Panels, Screens, Shields: What’s the Best Choice for Storm Protection?

13 April 2020

Here in the Savannah area, hurricane season is always either here or coming around again. Do you know your options for storm protection? These days, there are several kinds of hurricane-rated storm shutters, and they all beat plywood as a solution! From around the start of June to the end... ... Read More

How to Clean Your Motorized Screens (Retractable Screens)

6 April 2020

Our customers love motorized screens. What’s not to love about retractable screens for windows and patio enclosures you can lower with the push of a button? Yes, they’re wonderful … but how do you clean them? Most people know how to clean regular screens. You just remove them and take... ... Read More

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