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What Can I Cover My Pergola With? Shade Sails and Cabana Tops

24 February 2020

Pergolas make a beautiful addition to your home, but the open roof can be a problem after a while. If you’re considering pergola covers, shade sails and cabana tops are great solutions! The thing about pergolas is that they’re more about aesthetics than function. There are lots of great pros... ... Read More

Porch Curtains and 13 Other Ways to Improve Your Front Porch Look

17 February 2020

There are lots of good reasons to improve your front porch look, and porch curtains are a great place to start! Thinking of selling? A beautiful front porch is an essential part of increasing your home’s curb appeal. Do you love to entertain guests? Dress your outdoor space to make... ... Read More

Savannah Magazine Winner Best Outdoor Shade/Awnings

14 February 2020

Coastal Canvas is proud to be the 2020 winner for Best Outdoor Shade/Awnings presented by Savannah Magazine. ... Read More

You Could Be Saving Energy with Residential Awnings: 7 Facts to Prove It

10 February 2020

Like most homeowners, you’re interested in new ways of saving energy that aren’t too complicated. And residential awnings are a good place to start looking. Why do you want to cut your energy use? Maybe you’re looking to reduce your energy costs. Lots of households find they reach their financial... ... Read More

What Are Tension Structures? How Fabric Structures Are Built

3 February 2020

Tension structures (a.k.a. fabric structures or tensile fabric structures) are, simply put, support structures with durable fabric stretched over and between them. But they are more than simple coverings. These are nothing less than architectural works of art. Their beauty may be easy to see. But to truly understand what... ... Read More

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