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Savannah Magazine Winner Best Outdoor Shade/Awnings 2021

28 January 2021

Coastal Canvas is proud to be the 2021 winner for Best Outdoor Shade/Awnings presented by Savannah Magazine.

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The Beauty and Genius of Tension Structures (Fabric Structures) for Your Property

8 June 2020

Tension structures, also known as tensile structures or simply fabric structures, are an amazing architectural feat with modern, awe-inspiring commercial applications.

This article explains what they are and where they come from, and will give you some ideas for how you might utilize tension structures for your events... ... Read More

Residential Awnings and 14 Other Tips for Saving Energy

1 June 2020

Saving energy is one of the best ways to cut your household budget, and there are probably many more ways to do it than you realize … including installing residential awnings!

Conservation is primarily about reducing how much electricity you use. Electricity is likely your greatest utility expense, and your... ... Read More

10 Ways Porch Curtains and Screens Add Value to Your Outdoor Living Spaces

25 May 2020

There are few places you can enjoy outdoor living spaces more than here in the Southeast, and one of the best ways to add to the experience is with porch curtains and outdoor screens.

Outdoor living doesn’t have to be entirely dependent on the weather. With the right accoutrements, your... ... Read More

How to Help Your Business Recover with Branding: Commercial Awnings and Signage

18 May 2020

At the time we’re writing this (May 2020), many Coastal Empire businesses are struggling to recover in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. In this post we’ll look at timeless strategies for recovery and how branding your commercial awnings, patio enclosures and signage can help.

No matter when you’re reading... ... Read More

How to Clean Your Metal Canopies and Metal Awnings

11 May 2020

Metal canopies and metal awnings are a great investment for businesses and many homes. They’re highly durable, provide excellent protection and last for years.

It’s important to protect your investment by keeping them looking good, and that means regular cleaning.

Read on to learn how to properly clean your metal... ... Read More

What Are Shade Sails? (And Why They’re Such a Hot Item)

4 May 2020

When you think of shade, what comes to mind? There are many options for shade structures. Attractive and versatile, shade sails (or patio sails) have become one of the most popular.

This man-made shade solution dating back to the ancient world has become a functional art form today. Shade sails... ... Read More

How to Bring in More Guests with Hotel Awnings: Commercial Awnings in Hospitality

27 April 2020

Has your hotel always looked a little bare to you? Or does it seem a bit worse for wear? The condition of your commercial awnings - or lack of them - has a major impact on the look of your establishment.

Hotels and other hospitality businesses lack key benefits without... ... Read More

Saving Energy with Awnings, Screens and Interior Shades

20 April 2020

Whether it’s a time where finances are stretched a bit thin, or you’re just interested in making your family budget as lean as possible, saving energy can really help.

Energy is a recurring expense that can feel uncontrollable. Families often try to cut costs in other ways, like using coupons... ... Read More

Storm Shutters, Panels, Screens, Shields: What’s the Best Choice for Storm Protection?

13 April 2020

Here in the Savannah area, hurricane season is always either here or coming around again. Do you know your options for storm protection? These days, there are several kinds of hurricane-rated storm shutters, and they all beat plywood as a solution!

Note: You may be reading this at a time... ... Read More

How to Clean Your Motorized Screens (Retractable Screens)

6 April 2020

Our customers love motorized screens. What’s not to love about retractable screens for windows and patio enclosures you can lower with the push of a button?

Yes, they’re wonderful … but how do you clean them?

Note: You may be reading this at a time when we cannot immediately fulfill... ... Read More


30 March 2020


COVID-19: How Coastal Canvas is Supporting Our Community and What You Can Do to Help

A letter to the communities we serve, from Andrew and Ellen Barber, Owners of Coastal Canvas Products

Last Tuesday, March 24th, Coastal Canvas Products closed our offices... ... Read More

Staying at Home? 9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Spaces

23 March 2020

At the time we’re publishing this, a lot of families are staying at home because of the coronavirus. But even if you’re reading this long after the crisis has passed, we hope you find these tips on making use of your outdoor living spaces useful whenever spending time... ... Read More

How Much Do Retractable Awnings Cost?

16 March 2020

Looking for retractable awnings for your home or business? Great choice! The ability to easily extend or retract your awnings make this an attractive option.

Of course, you naturally have one burning question:

How much does it cost?

The answer, as you’ll find any time you research a customizable product... ... Read More

How to Advertise Your Business with Integrity

9 March 2020

Wondering how to advertise your business in ways that will make you profitable and keep you profitable? The key to that second part - staying power in your industry - is integrity.

As an awning, signage and graphics company, we frequently act as consultants to our small business clients who,... ... Read More

Coastal Canvas featured in 'With You In Mind Publication'

6 March 2020

Coastal Canvas is proud to have been recently featured in the 'With You In Mind Publication'

Click here to view the full feature on page 24.

with you in mind

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7 Ways to Improve Your Storefront with Commercial Awnings

2 March 2020

Own a storefront business? It might be stating the obvious, but you can’t get sales if you can’t get people in the door. Commercial awnings can help.

Maybe more than you think.

commercial awnings savannah ga

Storefront Awnings Are... ... Read More

What Can I Cover My Pergola With? Shade Sails and Cabana Tops

24 February 2020

Pergolas make a beautiful addition to your home, but the open roof can be a problem after a while. If you’re considering pergola covers, shade sails and cabana tops are great solutions!

The thing about pergolas is that they’re more about aesthetics than function. There are lots of... ... Read More

Porch Curtains and 13 Other Ways to Improve Your Front Porch Look

17 February 2020

There are lots of good reasons to improve your front porch look, and porch curtains are a great place to start!

  • Thinking of selling? A beautiful front porch is an essential part of increasing your home’s curb appeal.
  • Do you love to entertain guests? Dress your outdoor space to... ... Read More

Savannah Magazine Winner Best Outdoor Shade/Awnings

14 February 2020

Coastal Canvas is proud to be the 2020 winner for Best Outdoor Shade/Awnings presented by Savannah Magazine.

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You Could Be Saving Energy with Residential Awnings: 7 Facts to Prove It

10 February 2020

Like most homeowners, you’re interested in new ways of saving energy that aren’t too complicated. And residential awnings are a good place to start looking.

Why do you want to cut your energy use?

  • Maybe you’re looking to reduce your energy costs. Lots of households find they reach their... ... Read More

What Are Tension Structures? How Fabric Structures Are Built

3 February 2020

Tension structures (a.k.a. fabric structures or tensile fabric structures) are, simply put, support structures with durable fabric stretched over and between them. But they are more than simple coverings.

These are nothing less than architectural works of art.

Their beauty may be easy to see. But to truly... ... Read More

How Do I Choose Awnings for My Restaurant? 6 Decisions to Make on Commercial Awnings

27 January 2020

When you buy a building for a restaurant, commercial awnings aren’t necessarily the first thing you think about.

Your mind is on the menu. The ambiance you want to create. What hours you’ll be open - whether you want to be known as a brunch nook or a great place... ... Read More

How Much Do Metal Canopies Cost? The Ins & Outs of Metal Awnings

20 January 2020

So you’re in the market for a metal canopy (a.k.a. metal awning) for your business and you just want a straight answer to what seems like a simple question:

How much does it cost?

Well, let’s start by giving you as accurate an answer as you’ll get anywhere online: it... ... Read More

3 Reasons You Need Storm Shutters Besides Hurricane and Storm Protection

13 January 2020

Residents of South Carolina and Georgia’s coastal areas like you know the importance of storm protection for your home or business. And that storm shutters are a good solution.

You may already know that hurricane shutters are built tough to protect your windows.

But you might not know that there... ... Read More

Why Shade Sails Provide the Best UV Protection

6 January 2020

If you live in sunny coastal areas - like Hilton Head or St. Simon’s Island, or a bit more inland in Savannah or Palmetto Bluff - and you’re not concerned about UV protection, you should be. And shade sails might be the perfect solution.

The threat of UV exposure for... ... Read More

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Retractable Awnings

30 December 2019

What color should my retractable awnings be? We get that question a lot, as our customers everywhere from St. Simon’s Island, GA up the coast to Beaufort, SC naturally want to be smart about how their investment in exterior design looks.

  • As a homeowner, you want to make sure... ... Read More

Saving Energy (and Money) at Home with Solar Screens

23 December 2019

Most folks around here in the vicinity of Savannah and Hilton Head Island are familiar with some type of solar screens. They’re an attractive option for providing shade in our sunny corner of the world. But you might not realize just how great solar screens are at saving energy.

Read... ... Read More

How to Clean Residential Awnings or Commerical Awnings: Acrylic vs. Vinyl

16 December 2019

Whether fitted to residential awnings or commercial awnings, exterior fabrics are a major investment. You should know how to properly protect your canvas awnings.

Know the difference between cleaning one type of exterior fabric vs. another (e.g. acrylic vs. vinyl). From bird poop to mildew to … various... ... Read More

Moving Above and Beyond Together

2 December 2019

Coastal Canvas Products is extremely excited to share our news that we have officially moved into our spacious new location on Chatham Parkway in Savannah, Georgia. Conveniently located near I-95 and I-16 and only 15 minutes from downtown Savannah our new facility has over 37,000 square feet of manufacturing space... ... Read More

We make so much more than Shade…

23 September 2019

This summer we were so excited to have had the opportunity to flex our fabrication muscles and show our multi-faceted skills to the community on a very special project for us, the new Enmarket located on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Savannah, GA. As many of you know, we are... ... Read More

Coastal Canvas graduates from the JE Dunn MCD Program

1 August 2019

Coastal Canvas is proud to announce they recently completed and graduated from the JE Dunn MCD Program.

... Read More

Commercial Awnings for Restaurants

13 June 2019

Restaurant Sales increase when outdoor patio spaces are cool and comfortable.

That’s what restaurant owners throughout have realized again and again. The more comfortable their customers are the longer they will sit to drink & dine; and therefore, the more money the customers... ... Read More

Seek the Shade for Skin Cancer Awareness

13 June 2019

Skin cancer is a disease that affects people of every age, gender and ethnicity. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70; in fact, more people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other cancers combined..but there is good news.... ... Read More

Storm Protection for Georgia and South Carolina Low Country

12 June 2019

With 2 years in a row of hurricane damage to our personal and business locations, we are no longer secure in the belief that severe storms do not hit in our Low Country area. It is critical to strategize and plan now on how to protect your home or business... ... Read More

Shade Sails for SCAD Savannah, Georgia

30 March 2019

Shade Sails are a series of overlapping geometric shades that create a canopy shelter to provide sun shade and UV protection for a limitless variety of uses. The geometric forms are primarily rectangular. The inward curves along the sides of each shade fabric panel are engineered to help spread and... ... Read More

Hurricane Protection

25 January 2019

In order to protect your home properly from a hurricane it is highly recommended that you take the necessary precautionary steps long before the first threat of a storm comes to our area. Here in the Low Country - from Charleston, South Carolina through Savannah, Georgia and down to Jacksonville,... ... Read More

New Year, New Projects, New Achievements in 2019

1 January 2019

Let us first begin by wishing you a very Happy New Year. We are excited about the possibilities that a new year will bring here at Coastal Canvas Products. Our days begin each day with a new energy and quest to do more, accomplish more, and succeed at more.

We... ... Read More

Motorized Screens for Your Home

21 June 2018

Why we love Motorized Screens and the Top 5 Reasons why you should buy them for your home: 

  1. Motorized screens are in place when you need them and retracted with the touch of a button when you do not.
  2. They protect you... ... Read More

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