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How Much Do Metal Canopies Cost? The Ins & Outs of Metal Awnings

So you’re in the market for a metal canopy (a.k.a. metal awning) for your business and you just want a straight answer to what seems like a simple question:

How much does it cost?

Well, let’s start by giving you as accurate an answer as you’ll get anywhere online: it depends.

Sorry! But it really is true. There are so many factors that go into the cost that you could end up anywhere from $45 per square foot to $110 per square foot.

Or less. Or more.

We know that’s not exactly the simple answer you were hoping for. But we think it will help to explain a bit about what goes into pricing so you feel more informed as you seek estimates on metal canopies for your business.

Here are some common questions we apply to the estimate process.

Hilton Head Metal Canopies South Carolina

What kind of material for my metal awning do I need?

The first decision to make that will affect your material cost is whether to go with a canopy made from aluminum or steel. Aluminum has a lower cost. While both are durable, steel is more so.

But your decision can’t be based on cost. It has to be an investment based on application.

  • Aluminum awnings are highly versatile. They can be attached to just about any exterior surface, with a variety of ceiling (underside) options: flat, ribbed, glass, polycarbonate, wood. And they can be quite thin, allowing for additional space beneath for hidden light fixtures. It can also be made into a permeable mesh.
  • Steel awnings are highly durable. They provide added protection from the elements for your patrons, your storefront or garage entrances. Light fixtures are often integrated into steel awnings, where they are as well protected as they are indoors.

Once we figure out what materials are needed, then we have to figure out how much. That’s what gives you the foundation for material cost. Design considerations are then built on that foundation.

St Simon Metal Canopies

What design style should I choose?

We mentioned mesh above. That’s just one example of available metal awning styles, another factor affecting cost.

Hanger Rod Canopies

This popular minimalist design features thin rods that secure the canopy to the wall above. 

The cost of this style increases with the complexity of the metal fabrication process. Canopies may be a solid piece of a standard size against a single wall, extended around a building perimeter, cut into louvered slats, etc.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Awnings

By contrast to the hanger rod style, the supports are beneath these awnings, and the awnings themselves are usually angled down.

The term “standing seam” literally refers to seams between panels that stand out. The aluminum tubing that forms the frame is fairly standard, but the metal panels come in a variety of widths and gauges that affect cost.

Commercial Residential Savannah Canopies

How strong do my metal canopies need to be?

That depends on where you want to install them and what style you choose.

The “where” is not just about geography. Anyone in our service area - whether the beautiful communities of Palmetto Bluff, Hilton Head Island, Savannah, St. Simon’s Island or surrounding areas - has to be prepared for hurricane-force winds.

But an awning installed in an open area where there is going to be a lot of foot traffic (as opposed to, say, a back door in an alley) needs special consideration for safety. As does a heavier, solid awning that high wind can’t permeate as it would a mesh or louvered awning.

It’s often a good investment (read: added cost for HUGE benefit) to reinforce metal awnings in this area with steel posts, heavier-gauge panels, i-beams, and other measures.

Hilton Head Metal Canopies South Carolina

What’s the best finish for my metal canopies?

We use only powder coat finishing, which is far superior to liquid paints. 

The coating technique electrostatically applies dry powder to the surface. It is then cured under a high heat to form a thicker, more durable seal far tougher than paint. You can choose from standard colors or invest in creating virtually any custom color.

Commercial Residential Beaufort Canopies

How much does labor add to the cost of my metal canopies?

This question sometimes implies another: “Can I just install it myself?”

Let’s answer that one first. In most cases, you should not attempt the installation yourself.

The Value of Professional Installation

That’s true even if you are a licensed contractor. Installers like our people at Coastal Canvas specialize in metal canopy installation. We can do it faster, ensure beauty, durability, code compliance and your safety. Installation as part of the cost is almost always a given.

A significant portion of your cost per square foot is in knowing your metal awnings are going to stay up, right where they should be, for years to come. Skilled, specialized, warranty-backed installation is easily the most important investment you’ll make.

What Affects Labor Cost

Labor cost is affected by the local market. Here in the Savannah area, in surrounding communities like Richmond Hill, GA and Bluffton, SC, labor cost is reasonable compared to the rest of the U.S.

The location of the job also affects labor cost. How far (and how much) material and what equipment needs to be shipped to the job site are also significant factors.

The Old-Fashioned Way to Figure the Cost of Metal Canopies

You can find a lot of useful information on the Web, and we certainly hope this blog post is useful to you as you research metal canopies.

But while there are all kinds of cost calculators out there, none of them beats the accuracy you get from a consultation with a firm experienced in fabrication, design, finishing, and installation.

See where we’re going with this?

Request an estimate for metal canopies from Coastal Canvas today. We’d love to give you a better answer about cost than what you got here.

The old-fashioned way.


See you soon!

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