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Motorized Screens for Your Home

Why we love Motorized Screens and the Top 5 Reasons why you should buy them for your home: 

  1. Motorized screens are in place when you need them and retracted with the touch of a button when you do not.
  2. They protect you and your property against damaging solar rays, insects, debris, wind, and rain.
  3. They reduce energy usage – solar screens deflect up to 95% of ultra-violet solar rays.
  4. They extend the use of your outdoor living area. 
  5. Decrease outdoor-to-inside visibility for greater privacy while providing inside-to-outside visibility.

At Coastal Canvas Products we see value as a long-term proposition. Using the best materials and equipment, we build screens that last. All of our screens share the same type of end retention system originally developed for 200 mph wind and impact-rated hurricane screens and do not use zipper based screens that are notorious for blowing out. Our screens can be built into the soffit during new construction or discretely surface mounted after market. 

Contact Coastal Canvas Products today to learn more about motorized screens for your home!

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