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How to Help Your Business Recover with Branding: Commercial Awnings and Signage

18 May 2020

At the time we’re writing this (May 2020), many Coastal Empire businesses are struggling to recover in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. In this post we’ll look at timeless strategies for recovery and how branding your commercial awnings, patio enclosures and signage can help.

No matter when you’re reading... ... Read More

How Do I Choose Awnings for My Restaurant? 6 Decisions to Make on Commercial Awnings

27 January 2020

When you buy a building for a restaurant, commercial awnings aren’t necessarily the first thing you think about.

Your mind is on the menu. The ambiance you want to create. What hours you’ll be open - whether you want to be known as a brunch nook or a great place... ... Read More

How to Clean Residential Awnings or Commerical Awnings: Acrylic vs. Vinyl

16 December 2019

Whether fitted to residential awnings or commercial awnings, exterior fabrics are a major investment. You should know how to properly protect your canvas awnings.

Know the difference between cleaning one type of exterior fabric vs. another (e.g. acrylic vs. vinyl). From bird poop to mildew to … various... ... Read More

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