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10 Ways Porch Curtains and Screens Add Value to Your Outdoor Living Spaces

25 May 2020

There are few places you can enjoy outdoor living spaces more than here in the Southeast, and one of the best ways to add to the experience is with porch curtains and outdoor screens. Outdoor living doesn’t have to be entirely dependent on the weather. With the right accoutrements, your... ... Read More

3 Reasons You Need Storm Shutters Besides Hurricane and Storm Protection

13 January 2020

Residents of South Carolina and Georgia’s coastal areas like you know the importance of storm protection for your home or business. And that storm shutters are a good solution. You may already know that hurricane shutters are built tough to protect your windows. But you might not know that there... ... Read More

7 Ways to Improve Your Storefront with Commercial Awnings

2 March 2020

Own a storefront business? It might be stating the obvious, but you can’t get sales if you can’t get people in the door. Commercial awnings can help. Maybe more than you think. Storefront Awnings Are About More Than Function You may have only thought about storefront awnings in terms of... ... Read More

Benefits of a Residential Retractable Awning for Your Home

9 November 2023

Awnings are more than just decorative additions to your home; they are multifunctional features that can significantly enhance your living experience. At Coastal Canvas Products, we specialize in residential retractable awnings, providing you with an innovative solution to manage sunlight and enhance your outdoor space. Let's explore the myriad benefits... ... Read More

Coastal Canvas featured in 'With You In Mind Publication'

6 March 2020

Coastal Canvas is proud to have been recently featured in the 'With You In Mind Publication' Click here to view the full feature on page 24. ... Read More

Coastal Canvas graduates from the JE Dunn MCD Program

1 August 2019

Coastal Canvas is proud to announce they recently completed and graduated from the JE Dunn MCD Program. ... Read More

Commercial Awnings for Restaurants

13 June 2019

Restaurant Sales increase when outdoor patio spaces are cool and comfortable. That’s what restaurant owners throughout have realized again and again. The more comfortable their customers are the longer they will sit to drink & dine; and therefore, the more money the customers will spend. Check out the latest projects... ... Read More

Energy Saving with Awnings

1 October 2023

The sun is hot but shade is cool..Awnings help to make homes more energy efficient by reducing the amount of solar radiation that enters through the windows, ultimately decreasing the load on the air conditioner during hot summer months. In fact, solar radiation through glass is responsible for approximately 20... ... Read More

How Do I Choose Awnings for My Restaurant? 6 Decisions to Make on Commercial Awnings

27 January 2020

When you buy a building for a restaurant, commercial awnings aren’t necessarily the first thing you think about. Your mind is on the menu. The ambiance you want to create. What hours you’ll be open - whether you want to be known as a brunch nook or a great place... ... Read More

How Much Do Metal Canopies Cost? The Ins & Outs of Metal Awnings

20 January 2020

So you’re in the market for a metal canopy (a.k.a. metal awning) for your business and you just want a straight answer to what seems like a simple question: How much does it cost? Well, let’s start by giving you as accurate an answer as you’ll get anywhere online: it... ... Read More

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